Buddy Up rules

Basketupbaby Buddy Up is an award referral program that rewards existing Basketupbaby customers with discount vouchers they can apply to future purchase at Basketupbaby.com.

The actual retail value of the discount voucher may vary at times and is subject to Basketupbaby’s approval. Discount vouchers awarded through the Buddy Up program do not expire but can not be used in conjunction with other promotions that Basketupbaby may run on its site from time to time.

In the event an other promotion is taking place on this site at the time a customer or guest wishes to cash-in their Buddy Up rewards coupon voucher, the customer or guest must choose which promotion they wish to apply during checkout of their purchase.

The Buddy Up program works by means of a referral link. Such link is unique and specific to each customer. Only existing customers qualify to obtain a personalized referral link. For the safety of our customers, an existing customer must be logged into her account to access the link.

When a customer places her unique Buddy Up link in a personal text message or email and forwards that text or email to her friend(s) Basketupbaby will automatically send an email to the customer with the Buddy Up rewards code embedded in it. The customer can then use this code on her next purchase. At the same time Basketupbaby will forward an additional discount voucher email to the friend. The friend can use the discount code embedded in that email on her first purchase.