What is BasketUpBaby.com (BUB)?
We are an online eCommerce store offering a variety of gift baskets specifically crafted for infants and babies under 3 years old and for new parents.

What products do you offer?
We offer products that are geared directly towards infants, babies under 3 years of age and new parents.

Are the products you sell safe?
Safety is our utmost concern. All products included in our baby gift baskets are made of the finest quality available and come from trusted suppliers. The products are none-toxic and do not contain any known chemicals or other components that could jeopardize your baby’s well-being.

What are your products made of?
We only use the finest quality materials. Some of our products are made from all natural materials, including bamboo. The basket itself is made from natural woven nylon and can be used as a bathroom storage container.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes we do. Please check our Refunds & Returns policy for a detailed explanation.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Standard shipping (ground) is always free. We also offer expedited or express shipping. There is a fee for this type of transportation. Check our Shipping policy for more information.

Do you ship internationally?
Right now, our baby gift baskets are shipped only in the continental United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We may consider shipping internationally at a later time. If we do, we will post it on this site.

Is my information safe?
Absolutely! All personal information you share on this site is 100% safe and secure. We employ strict SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) combined with the highest encryption available to protect your personal data. Please read our Privacy policy for further details.