Mommy Spa

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Soothing and relaxing after a hectic day.

Price: $69.00

What’s included:

1 Reusable woven strap basket
1 Cozy throw blanket
1 Pair comfy ‘Love’ socks (one size fits all)
1 Pair soft bath slippers
1 Cool moisturizing bath wash paraben & phthalate free 22 Fl Oz
1 Moisture advanced care body lotion paraben & phthalate free 10 Fl Oz
1 Loofa – hand held
1 Aromatic candle
1 Magnetized picture frame 4X6
1 Mug
1 Soothing Camomile tea




*The woven basket can be used as a storage container in the bathroom, closet or on a shelf.

*Brand and design of items may vary depending on availability at time of order.

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